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Team Consulting

For teams of 2-5 people who are looking for a solution oriented approach to pragmatic thinking skill sets. This approach uses energy readings to survey the unseen questions that arise when project and program planning. Deepen your horizon and scope with Team Consulting for quicker outcomes that are cost effective & qualitative.

Cost: $660/hr
with a three hour minimum

Individual Consulting

Individual Consulting is for individuals looking to problem solve or navigate through to their goals in a one on one approach. This is tailored to streamline information directly from the energy reading where you can ask questions and receive answers in real time.

Cost: $450/hr
with a 2 hour minimum

Group Consulting

Carefree Drive

This is best for think groups who want to problem solve. In a solution oriented approach, Silhouette Jones works with a team of five members using energy readings to navigate through the teams objectives and goals.

Cost: $570/hr
with a five hour minimum
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