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Over the years many parents have asked the question "how do I get my kids into meditation"? It is for this pupose that we have developed a basic "kids" section for Celestial Azul LLC. Celestial Azul Kids takes basic children's activities and uses them to build the base skill set children need to learn to meditate. from the words that develop them into the mindset, to videos that capture their attention and teach them to be still while educating their minds. Our unique approach allows children to adapt naturally while doing the things that they love! 

Meditation for Kids


Celestial Kids Develops Products for Kids of All Ages From 3 to 92! We Use Basic Skills to Deepen the Awareness, Opening the Mind to a Deepened State of Cognitive Being. Meditation Helps to Teach Children to Slow Down & Focus. Children Also Learn a Higher Sense of Self-Esteem as They Get to Know Who They Are!

Kids Clothing


Our Children's Clothing Line is All About Positive Motivation! "I Think Therefore I Am" & The Positive Affects Words Have On Water Show that What We Wear Changes the World Around Us! Let Your Children Wear the Words You Want to See Echoed into Your Child's World!



YouTube Videos


Take time to browse through our YouTube video series in which we read children's books. Reading is a great skill in meditation as it teaches a child to sit down and listen. As children practice this they learn the beginning skills of what they need for meditation. 

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